Identifying Smart Buys To Bring Back High ROI's


Want to make a quick $10,000+ from the comfort of your home every single month?

Allow us to train you in becoming a deal scout to help you earn $10,000 a month minimum. You’ll get knowledge in the private equity world and gain experience in working with professional individuals. We pay you for networking with business owners!

How Much Money?

This is a commission based job that allows you to create financial freedom in your life. You have the potential of making $10,000+ per month easily!

What You Do?

Network and connect with many business owners to see if they’re open to selling their business. Then connect them with our group. If the investment goes through, you get a $10,000 check and will be able to earn more based off of the investment we make.


We have trainings in place so whether you choose to stay long term or not, you’ll leave with great training that may be applicable to any company within the financial markets. The training will be quick and easy for anyone with great communications skills.

Time Commitments

This is the most flexible position you will ever have. Since it is performance/commission base pay, you work as you please. You are also not tied down to any physical location.

How To Get Started?

Go to our contact page and send us a message requesting the training! (deal scout spots are limited for the best candidates)