Identifying Smart Buys To Bring Back High ROI's

Our Team

Vincent Le

Founder and Managing partner

Vincent Le is the President and CEO of TGG. Vincent is responsible for managing and executing the overall mission of TGG. Vincent manages the investment activities works to ensure the performance of TGG’s portfolio.

Chris Greene

Attorney and Legal Counsel

Chris Greene is a managing partner and attorney. Chris is a well seasoned attorney with 30+ years of practicing law. Chris was involved with the IPO for Bass Pro Shops and O’Reiley Auto Parts.

Mark Spitz

Attorney and Legal Counsel

Mark Spitz is a managing partner and attorney. Mark has over 30 years of legal experience and has served as a senior in house attorney at several companies.

Venky Naravulu

Business Development Executive

Venky Naravulu is our Business Development Executive. Venky has an extensive background in tech (hardware and software).

J.R Lawson

Chief Financial Officer

Kisha is our Accountant. Kisha has 20+ years of experience in the finance world. She has held a CFO title prior to TGG and served as an accounting supervisor for a few other companies. Kisha also ran her own firm for an extended period of time. Her years in accounting will minimize risk in our acquisition targets.

Aaron Crook

Client Relationship Manager

Bea has several years of experience in customer service and client relations. She has experience within banking, insurance, real estate, and sales.